Monday, April 16, 2007

Dogs Sick of Dumbass Redneck Owners

Update IV: They came back. They were at my house the next day, eating my garbage. This time my neighbors put them on my porch (thinking they were mine). It took three days before their owners showed up. "This time I'm gonna keep'em in the pee'in for a long time." That was Saturday. This morning the lab puppy showed up as I was leaving for work. I called again, angry, and told them that if they were there when I got home I was going to call animal control.

Update III: This is getting ridonkulous. I don't think they ever went home, and now I have trash spread over half of the yard. The 'owners' never called me back. I chased them off in the direction of their actual home. If it happens again, I am going to treat them as if they were dropoffs. Toothless Cleatus obviously doesn't care.

Update II: Driving home yesterday, I passed the same two dogs (Cooter and Buddy (LOL)) in the yard next door. They ran to my Jeep as I pulled into my driveway. Apparently these people haven't fixed their "pee'in" so they escaped "agee'in" and showed up at my house. No one answered or returned my call. I don't know where the dogs are now.

Update: The owners finally called animal control and are picking them up tonight. Maybe they will learn a lesson.

The Duo Romp, originally uploaded by michael rupert.

So these guys showed up in my yard while I was playing ball with my dog. The lab is a puppy, not quite a year old. The shepherd mix is young, but adult. Neither of them are neutered, and no one has come by looking for them (for 7 hours now). I have spent the day in the front yard with them hoping their owners would drive by and spot them.

Tomorrow I am calling the shelter to see if their owners are looking for them. They could be dropoffs. I'm in a rural area. I'm keeping the lab if I can't get them back to their owners. They're both very nice dogs. Shame on their masters. More photos

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