Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas Goods

It is Christmas and another day of eating too much. We are under a tornado watch. The news says five homes have been demolished this morning in Central Florida. That blows no matter what day it is, but it is ironic to happen Christmas morning to say the least.

We had traditional pancakes with cream of chicken gravy (I'll elaborate on that after the break). There is pumpkin pie, and other treats. We exchanged some gifts and things are winding down. I just noticed that the TV is back in the usual on state. Except for the wrapping paper and some Here's a picture of my dog maggie. She turned six today. Wish her boxes, it could be any other day. a happy one.
Anyway, it has been fun to be with family. I wish I lived close enough to have friends and family in the same place. I miss some of them a bunch esp D who is all by her lonesome in big 0l' LA. I hope your today is as good as mine or better. Cheers!

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