Friday, June 01, 2007

Bonefishing in Mayaguana - 2007 - Blackwood Point

Mayaguana  Bonefishing 2007 - Deep Water Shrimp
This is the fly that all of my fish took. It doesn't look like much out of the water. To a bonefish underwater, it looks like a shrimp. The rabbit fur undulates in the water and gives it the look of swimming legs. We were told that we needed pink. I lost my best fly with the right amount of pink on the first fish I hooked. Natural colors always work.

Mayaguana Bonefishing 2007 - Blackwood Point Bonefish
Here's a really big bonefish right before it was landed. You can see mangrove trees in the background. Also notice how hard it is to see the fish even though it is up close and breaking the surface. They don't do that when they're not hooked.

Mayaguana Bonefishing - 2007 - Blackwood Point Bone 2
This big fellow was the big fish of the week. It pains me to give credit to my dad for this one (I will take credit for the landing assist), but he deserves it. It was his first bonefish on a fly rod, and really his first real fish on a fly rod period. I think he's hooked a convert now. Nice!

Mayaguana Bonefishing - 2007 - Blackwood Point Bone
The same fish again. What a beauty! We fished the Blackwood Point flat again on our last day of bonefishing. They were all bunched up into one huge paranoid school as they were chased by baracuda. I got the fly to them a few times, but ended up leaving them alone. They were concentrating on not becoming baracuda breakfast. Hooking one would have surely ended in half of a fish or less. It's no wonder why they're so wary.

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