Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mayaguana 2007 - Northeast Point

Smoothest road on the island
On days that bonefishing was impossible or after the bonefish left the flats with the tide, we took a drive down this sandy road to the Northeast point.

Anolis sagrei ordinalis
This brown anole was basking under the overcast sky and allowed me to get close enough for this photo before scurrying away.

Pirate's Well Point
The reef meets the island at the Northeast point, allowing access to the deep ocean from shore. You could see blue tang fish the size of dinner plates swimming beneath the swells around the coral, and there were other players.

Another Grouper
And Another Grouper
I tied a couple of these large green and white deceiver flies in between sips of Kalik the day before hoping to tempt some big barracuda. It proved to be a good grouper fly as well. One of them quickly took the fly and wedged itself in the rocks and coral. I was able to give it some slack line and fool it into thinking it was safe to come out again - landed! These were small and quickly released.

Ain't I purdy?
My father caught this houndfish. It's like an oversized needlefish with blue lipstick.

Mr Jack
Blue Streak
Bar Jack
There were different types of jacks cruising the point as well. They took jigs and we kept a few of the larger ones by request for Trevor's dinner. The ones with the electric blue stripe are called bar jacks.

Nature's Live Well
The tidal pools made handy live wells to keep the fish fresh while we continued to fish.

Pirate's Well Point
I'll definitely be exploring this water more the next time. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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