Monday, June 04, 2007

Mayaguana 2007 - Usual (flats) Suspects

Da-dum da-dum da-dum
Lemon Shark at my toes
There are other players on the flats. Lots of them, like these lemon sharks, are also hunting bonefish. We were fortunate that they didn't swipe any of our hooked fish.

Blackwood Point Ospreys
Graveyard Flat Osprey
Mayaguana has a healthy population of Ospreys. I'm sure bonefish isn't on their every day menu, but I'm sure they pluck them from the water every now and then. These were much more approachable than the ones I encounter kayaking on Jordan Lake here in NC.

The better to eat you with
Mr Teeth
You can't write about flats players without mentioning Barracuda. Meet Mr. Teeth. He would like to steal all or a neatly cut part (sometimes all but the head) of your bonefish. We were fortunate, and I caught several Barracuda after the bonefishing tide passed. They're great sport on a fly rod and take handsome photos.

Been Baracuda'd
This is what's left of a Lefty's Deceiver after several barracuda thrashed it. They were still chasing it when it looked like this - voracious predators! Note the wire tippet. It is nearly impossible to catch them without it.

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