Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mayaguana 2007 - Betsy Bay: Graveyard flats

Rainy Flats
We decided to return to Blackwood Point on our last day of fishing. The bonefish were all schooled up into one huge group and trying not to become breakfast for some large barracuda. They were not interested in eating. Rather, they were intent on not being eaten. Such is the life of a bonefish. To add insult to injury, the rain poured on us again and we decided to move to another flat.

Betsy Bay Graveyard
We rolled the dice and decided to try Betsy Bay. Other than knowing where it was on the map, it was new to us. When we nearly drove into the graveyard, we knew it was time to start walking. Now we knew where Trevor's graveyard flat was.

Graveyard Flat
We walked about six miles in bad weather and never saw bonefish. I could imagine fish being there when the tide is dead low maybe, but that wasn't the case.

Betsy Bay
Betsy Bay might not be great bonefishing, but it seemed to have potential for some good snorkeling - maybe next time.

Graveyard Flat
It wasn't the greatest day, but we did get to see the missile tracking station, more ospreys, and stopped at the Northeast point one last time. Tomorrow I'll wrap Mayaguana up and get back to the usual stuff. The worst thing about vacation is it ends.

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Lallee said...

That dark sky looks scary. I'm glad y'all didn't end up in the grave yard!